Terms of Using the CRCIS` Programs

For all NOOR NOOR NOOR users’ notice

Computer Research Center of Islamic Sciences (CRCIS) would like, in advance, to appreciate the understanding of all users who comply with the rules and legal and religious standards to refrain from replication and inappropriate distribution of the CRCIS’ software programs.
Due to frequent inquiries of users about terms and conditions of using NOOR software programs, they are notified of the following:
  • The users are allowed to use NOOR programs in the provided forms only and no one is permitted to replicate them illegally.
  • Copies of NOOR programs are only available to the buyer and he has no right to assign them to others or to copy them on their computers.
  • Providing the content of NOOR programs wholly or partly in websites is forbidden. Therefore, it is necessary for those websites are offering them with no permission from the CRCIS to delete them from their sites immediately. It applies, with no exception, to all NOOR programs even NOOR-e Ahkam and the upgraded programs.
  • Providing NOOR programs in formats except the ones offered by the CRCIS –including mobile phone applications, etc. - are illegal and considered as violation of the CRCIS rights. Providing any forms of them will be allowed by and at the discretion of the CRCIS only.
  • The change in the CRCIS’s policy to remove the software locks and presenting the programs with optional registering is merely for usage facilitating purposes; however, other obligations including the limitation of installation of the programs to 5 systems, and not assigning them to others still remain in force.
  • Applicants for using NOOR data and resources can sign in person an agreement or a contract with Cultural Services Section of the CRCIS. Accordingly, publishing each available resource in NOOR programs electronically or otherwise depends on prior written permission of the CRCIS (NOOR).
  • Since the intellectual property of most of the works existing in NOOR programs belongs to natural and legal persons and that the CRCIS has applied them with the permission of respective authors and publishers of works, so the users are warned that any unauthorized use of NOOR programs will violate the religious and legal rights of the CRCIS, as well as of those of the authors and publishers. Obviously, the propagation of Ahl al-Bayt’s teachings and knowledge is only possible when the religious regulations and standards are regarded; and more evident is that the end does not justify the means.
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