Logic, Philosophy, Mysticism

Irfan 3

Description :

  • Full text of 40 books in 94 volumes of famous mystical writings such as al-Futouhat al-Makkiyyah, Fusous al-Hikam, commentary of Fusous al-Hikam, Miftah al-Ghayb, Misbah al-Uns, Tamhid al-Qawa’id, al-Mahajat al-Bayda’ fi Tahdhib al-Ihya’, Misbah al-Hidayah ila al-Khilafah wa al-Wilayah, Manazil al-Sa’irin, Ihya’ `Uloum al-Din, and Risalat al-Nusous with annotations and glossaries of great scholars.
  • Possibility of selecting required commentaries with the capability of comparing required texts
  • Determining the priority order of selecting 17 commentaries related to text
  • Full text of the Holy Qur’an with search options through both roots and derivatives of words
  • Linkage between words of books and the Qur’an and dictionary
  • Accessibility to meanings of difficult words through Lisan al-`Arab dictionary (in 15 volumes)

Noor al-Hikmah 3

Description :

  • A collection of the most important Islamic books in the fields of philosophy, logic, and theology, including al-Asfar al-Arba`ah (al-Hikmat al-Muta`aliyah), al-Hashiyah `ala al-Ilahiyyat, al-Shawahid al-Ruboubiyyah, al-`Arshiyyah, Asrar al-Ayat, al-Shifa’ (theology part), Sharh al-Isharat (philosophy part), Sharh al-Manzoumah (Ghurar al-Fara’id), Bidayat al-Hikmah, Nihayat al-Hikmah, al-Lama`at al-Mashriqiyyah, al-Tasawwur wa al-Tasdiq, al-Shifa’ (al-Burhan part), Sharh al-Isharat (logic part), Asas al-Iqtibas, Mantiq al-Mashriqiyyin, and Kashf al-Murad
  • Advanced technical options and various research capabilities
  • Possibility of determining the required range
  • Research by using keywords, indexes, and subjects
  • Definition of philosophical terms of the Program by using 7 reliable sources in English, French, Latin, Arabic, and Farsi
  • Lisan al-`Arab, Majma` al-Bahrayn, and Kitab al-`Ayn Arabic dictionaries
  • Useful information about books available in the Program and their authors

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