Conduct of the Infallibles

Prophetic Encyclopedia

Description :

  • An specialized library of the Holy Prophet (s) including 246 books in 894 volumes in Arabic and Persian
  • More than 6800 keywords, 41000 indexes, and 36000 subjects extracted from sayings of the Holy Prophet (s) from the book “Bihar al-Anwar”
  • Displaying 82 images and 108 maps in “Gallery”
  • Displaying the Ziyarats of the Prophet (s) with voice and translation
  • Bibliography of more than 4400 books, encyclopedic entries , treatises, and collections of books related to the Holy Prophet (s) together with abstract of articles and summary of books
  • Searching in the books through word list and compound and advanced searches
  • A thesaurus tree containing more than 15000 entries and 35000 card indexes taken from 19 books in 161 volumes about life of the Holy Prophet (s) and his personal and social conduct
  • Timeline (chronology) of the Prophet’s life and displaying events with the possibility of connection with texts of the Program
  • Linkage between the words of texts and the Program dictionaries

Prophetic (sav) Encyclopedia

Part 1
Part 2

The 14 infallible (Sirah al-Maasuman) سیره معصومان

Description :

  • Full text of 445 Books in arabic, english and persian language in 1383 volumes
  • In different situation, position also the life of the Ahl-ul-Bait (as) and them life
  • More then 230 Books over Ahl-ul-Bait (as) from 50.000 searched out on time root- and key words
  • exhibit from 1.300 Quran verse in ralation to Ahl-ul-Bait (as)
  • Pedigree installation of more than 11,000 Sayad- by the Prophet (pbuh) descended people
  • Sound ability of poems and visitation specifically of the Ahlul-Bait (AS)

Noor al-Sirah 2

Description :

  • Full text of 83 Arabic and Farsi books in 410 volumes in the fields of history of Islam, the prophetic conduct, life of rulers and kings, geography, genealogy, and biography
  • Accessibility to various useful technical and contextual capabilities in main parts of the Program
  • Extracting historical concepts and dividing them into 10 groups
  • Farsi translation of 23 important historical books together with their original (Arabic) text
  • Full text of the Holy Qur’an with Farsi translation and search option
  • Possibility of comparing texts
  • Historical texts of the 3rd to 9th AH centuries
  • Some 735 genealogies, 55 maps, 100 historical images with the possibility of searching in titles and names
  • Two separate environments for users
  • Lisan al-`Arab Arabic dictionary

Noor al-Wilayah

Description :

  • The full text of 187 hadith books in 442 volumes
  • Some 180 volumes of books having full diacritic marks: The Four Books (al-Kutub al-Arba`ah), Wasa’il al-Shi`ah, Mustadrak al-Wasa’il, and hadiths of Bihar al-Anwar
  • Accessibility to text of the Holy Qur’an
  • All Hadiths narrated about each verse
  • Search in hadiths related to the selected verse
  • Limiting the Search range to (certain) Books, Authors, Centuries, and Contents
  • Search by using word list
  • Searching for combined words
  • Making various lists by using “List-making” option
  • Four independent user environments for keeping the researches done in each environment
  • Linkage between texts and three Arabic dictionaries (Kitab al-`Ayn, Lisan al-`Arab, and Majma` al-Bahrayn

Ashura's epic

Description :

  • More than 30 Arab and Persian credible abstract historical sources incl. Documentation and formation influences on Ashura events and their positions
  • Full text analyzes in more than 20 books on Imam Huseyin (AS) uprising motives
  • 11 Lamentations and mourning for Imam Huseyin (AS)
  • Whole recitations of more than 15 Ziyarat's and prayers
  • The map of Imam Huseyin's (as) Karavan from Medina to return to Medina and explanations of incidents anywhere

Ashura culture 1.5

Description :

  • Access to dictionaries of Ashura words, limited search with different topics
  • Presentation of the mourning customs in different countries and some cities of Iran in multimedia format
  • Pictures with references to the path of Imam Huseyin (as) Karavan with precise explanations of each course
  • Access to paintings, art, portraits, the events on Tasu'a (9 Muharrem), Ashura (Muharram 10), presenting stories regarding Karbala

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